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Established 1991
“Thank you so much for your help with the folders. They’re just beautiful. Every time I put one in an envelope, I feel good about the message we’re sending out. You’re great for my image!”
Monika MIles
President, Labhart Miles
Consulting Group, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Typical Project Workflow
"Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun. " - Don Marquis, The Almost Perfect State
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Robert Henslin Design provides art direction, graphic design and project management services that helps you achieve your marketing communications objectives.

You’ll benefit from our experience. Since 1991, we have provided our clients with clean, consistently excellent design services that achieve their corporate objectives within budget.

You’ll receive services focused on your success. Solid creative is important, but unless it achieves the objective, it means nothing. With Robert Henslin Design you’ll receive award winning creative and service that helps you communicate your message and get results like these:

  • Qualified leads representing a revenue potential of one
    million dollars garnered from an engaging and informative
    trade show booth design

  • 95% success in key message awareness and retention
    at a commodity supplier event

  • An 8% response generated by a national direct mail
    campaign in support of a product launch

  • $280,000 in annual revenue from product packaging
    and a point-of-purchase display system

You’ve found a partner you can count on. Been burned in the past? Not anymore. At Robert Henslin Design every client is sacred and excellence is the norm, not the exception. You can rely on our years of design know how, creative expertise and commitment to your success.

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